Occult Study


Etymology: the term is derived from the Latin occultus, meaning hidden, secret or otherwise not for the general public eye.

(Main image above) the art of Pamela Colman Smith; (directly above) A taroscopic spread

The field of occult study is so secretive that the word is seldom used except in cases where it is referenced in the context of evil, and evil forces. This is nowhere near the truth of the whole picture, although some occulted information is used for evil purposes, by people of evil intention. In days past, those who practiced the ancient arts were treated in the worst ways, imprinting on the collective consciousness a general sense of terror in association with the occult. There was a perpetuation of these erroneous dogmas by various institutions.

Brilliant research by people like Mark Passio, David Icke, Michael Tsarion, David Whitehead, Max Igan, and countless others, have spoken at length about symbolism and the subversive use of symbols in the media, in the education system, technology and the business world. This information too, is occult, or occulted – meaning hidden. Therefore the study of the occult is broader than divination and magical practices; it is the study of any hidden information, or the effort to keep such information secret. The Inquisition and subsequent craziness that followed is a perfect and inexcusably tragic example of the latter. If people were informed, educated and rational, they wouldn’t have accepted watching random people being dragged off to be burned or stoned to death, based on superstition and, no doubt, politics. I study the occult not only to be informed on tools that benefit my path through this life, but also to know the enemy. The enemy is not an invisible and vengeful spirit, in most cases the enemy are humans who are using the hidden knowledge to advance an old and malignant agenda, and we are complicit by our own willingness to be led, and to let others do our thinking for us.

When engaged in conversation with clients, or with those I come into contact with on a day to day basis, as a business owner, I do not shy away from the word.

If asked what it is that I do, instead of reciting the many ways our company does business, I simply state, “I’m a student of the occult.” I began to respond this way after a discussion I had with a client. He said that he was really afraid of the occult. This is a reasonable statement from someone who has not looked into the general meaning and subject of the occult. I understood his reticence, but I had to smile. I asked him to think about where we were sitting at the time. He was there to see me to receive a reading. I explained that anything “hidden” can be regarded as occulted, and thus Tarot is regarded by many as occult study and practice. My client didn’t think of Tarot as “occult” because he had seen it as good and helpful, not evil. His mother was a devout Catholic but also had her “cards read” regularly and would take the readings she had very seriously. This habit carried on through to her children, as they all regularly check in with psychic readers. None of them think of the Tarot as occult, even though they all hold similar views on occult as evil. His mother had been educated to divination early in life, through her own mother and was thus quite comfortable and had managed to reconcile her Catholic faith with her continued relationship with the divine connection through the divination arts.

When someone sits for their first reading with me, I will usually begin by telling them that I’m not a gypsy, not a fortune teller; I use a set of ancient divination sciences (left brain) and  employ intuition, (right brain). Personally I think all humans have this ability; it can be accelerated and accentuated by practices such as meditation, vegetarian lifestyle, yoga or some other form of body-mind practice, and study. Each human has incredible potential, and it is his or her choice, and right to use, or to discard. It is ultimately up to us to use our gifts and talents. As they say in the world of physical training “use it or lose it”. It requires inner structure and self discipline, and a tenacious spirit, as well as reverence for the knowledge and the Divine.


Pamela Colman Smith – although many do not know her name, her art is known the world over. She illustrated the Rider-Waite Tarot deck, also commonly referred to as the Universal Tarot.

The cards, through the Taroscopic system, provide practical information; real time, real world practical tips to help them along and to maximize their life experience. Lessons are there to be learned, and it is the reader’s function to help clients find the courage to face truths revealed in the cards, so that they can do their best to learn the lesson life is teaching. Life doesn’t stop teaching, even if we refuse to learn. That is when things can become very difficult. Lessons are unavoidable, and appear to chase us down if we try to avoid them. Isn’t it far better to face the issue, and find a way to navigate through?

Sometimes, I am challenged by a client who doesn’t like the cards that fall in a reading. This is understandable, but its also a learning opportunity. If it is a “testing” time where life asks that we demonstrate that we have learned a lesson, this can feel uncomfortable and unfair – until the client realizes that this test passed would mean a new level of existence; if the client has become familiar with the cards and their meanings in the upright and reversed positions a reading, they may become upset. It helps to explain that the card offers guidance to get through the difficulty of the lesson, in order to pass the test. In terms of the “scary” cards, like the devil, tower, and death cards, it is common for the sight of such cards to upset a client, particularly if they are not familiar with the cards and their meanings, but I do find that most clients are comfortable with these oft misunderstood cards by the time we are through. It is all about shining a light on the truth, understanding it and learning from it. This takes courage, and a level of accountability that can appear intimidating but is liberating, depending very much on the attitude and stance of the client. The more open and without agenda the client is, the more effective the esoteric (deep and often unconscious information – effectively our own occulted subconscious matter) reading; the more a client wants to or tries to manipulate the reading, (I call this the gambling mindset) the more effectively those hidden or occulted efforts will become evident in the cards that fall. The cards reflect the inner state of the client, and reveal the inner answer to the question or situation they are asking the oracle to address.  Therefore, those who approach the incredible set of helpers with reverence and a genuine heart for the truth they seek, will and do experience the greatest of assistance. This is the empowering effect of such readings, but in the sense mentioned above, the reading is not for those who try to bend the oracle to their will. In my opinion, this is also where the perpetuation of the fearful reputation was wrought, terrible stigma that the divination arts have had thrust upon them, largely by people who experienced truth that they found unpleasant based on the gambling mindset they approached the oracle with in the first place. The arts are a pathway to the information contained within the collective conscious and within the great divine energy that is the essence of life itself. Whether one calls that divine energy God, or any other name to mean deity, is irrelevant. A rose, by any other name, is still a rose. I don’t think the divine minds what we call It, It is busy creating and not worried about what it’s creations are up to. Just my opinion…

Taroscopes is a system that is comprised of four major hermetic sciences (Tarot, Astrology, Numerology and Kabala), most clients are familiar with at least one; usually astrology. We start there, and immediately the association with the ruling planet helps the client to see the card in the abstract without the analytical left brain getting in the way.  It will help the client to understand his or her connections to the cards through the connections of things they are familiar with  – and the beautiful cards that comprise the traditional Tarot help to bring it all together in a perfect symphony of divination and intuitive arts. All of this contributes to educating the client to the cards, the messages they carry and the myriad ways to view the lesson. Point being, Taroscopes, by virtue of its construction, is a system that informs and educates the client, in a very organic way, to the “occult”. And once it is known, it is no longer occulted. It has at that point been unveiled, or de-occulted.

That is why I formed a company to do this, and why I work with the subconscious on many levels. The divination arts are my passion and lifelong study, however, I recognize that many people are suspicious, or even afraid of them. I offer hypnotherapy as a great alternative for those who are uncomfortable with the occult sciences, but are comfortable with hypnosis.

Orgone art is an extension of the work with the subconscious, but it is my subconscious I’m working with, to create art. I think art is healing, balancing and just plain good for anyone. My work with Orgonyx has become a grounding, balancing and harmonizing practice for me. The three days of the full moon phase are a time of respite from the external, and is the time I spend with my creative energy and use it to immerse myself fully into the art of Orgonyx.cropped-20170524_142301.jpg

At this time, once a month, my calendar is cleared of all else. It is the way I regroup and prepare for the rest of the month; many clients will recognize this as me following my own advice, see the quote below to see where I obtained this sage wisdom.

I regularly advise clients to take time to be creative. To get in touch with one’s own creativity is a path to authenticity. It allows us to revel in the awesome power of the right brain, where all the symbols and pictures are that our dreams are comprised of, live. 

In his non-fiction book, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft, Stephen King states:

“Life is a support system for art, its not the other way round.”

All these things are rolled into our business model to offer a variety of solutions, all working with the subconscious in one way or another. But, there is a more important reason that Amber Phoenix Enterprises, LLC represents this particular set of services and skill.

It is our mission to bring to the curious an understanding of what the occult arts and sciences are about, that they need not be feared or loathed,  instead they are to be cherished, respected and revered for the incredible assistance and guidance they impart, for those who have the courage to look at their true circumstances – within, and without. It is about courage to face truths that we may not even hold a conscious awareness of, and to address issues and challenges in the most informed, dignified and empowered way possible. This is the gift of the divination arts.

Let him who has ears, hear. Let him who has eyes, see.

(Mark 4:9, Matthew 11:15 )

I hope that reading this helps to alleviate anxiety and erroneous belief people may hold concerning the divination arts and related practices. I am not trying to convert, or even persuade. I simply aim to reassure and educate. As Mark Passio pointed out in one of his podcasts (forgive me, I can’t recall which one but you’ll find his work at www.whatonearthishappening.com), a knife is not inherently evil. It is a tool most of us work with daily; a knife can also be used to cause harm. This does not change the simple fact that by itself, a knife is a tool, not an evil implement. The same goes for the divination arts and many other occult practices. They are tools, and I encourage you, Dear Reader, investigate this for yourself. Below, you’ll find a few resources.

May some of you be inspired to look into the ancient arts of divination, symbolism and mythology in general. There are ancient truths there for our consideration.

“It is the mark of an intelligent* mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.’ – Aristotle

*The original  quote uses the word “educated”, not intelligent, but it is generally accepted (ha) that the meaning in context is “intelligent” or “discerning”.

Thanks for reading,


To learn more about Taroscopes, the system we use for readings, visit www.taroscopes.com


Recommended reading on the subject of Occult Study:

  • Franz Bardon – Initiation into Hermetics; Key to the True Kabbalah
  • C.W. Leadbeater – Vegetarianism and Occultism
  • Michael Tsarion*- Path of the Fool, Cards on Houses, Disciples of the Mysterium. (*The first two are companion books to the Taroscopic system of divination, the third is a brilliant work explaining how mystery is used in religion, education and in society to influence and control. Once you take the mystery out of a thing, and replace it with understanding, it cannot be used to manipulate you any longer.)

There are many more books I could list here but I’m certain that once you’ve looked into the subject, you will be led to reading materials that will further your insight.

We welcome your input – please reach out with your opinions – perhaps we can have a discussion on the subject of what has been hidden so long, and why…

© Amber Phoenix Enterprises, LLC







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