What is Self Love? Why does it matter?

Self Love. Its a vague term, and not often used in conversation, certainly not capitalized and treated as a spiritual concept as well as a practice that can be seen as physical (exercise, nutrition, sleep, etc.)  I’ve heard/read it in context of philosophy, psychology and divination; as discussed by scholars and healers, Ayn Rand, Wilhelm Reich and many others. As a practitioner of the hermetic arts, this is a term I use regularly. When counseling clients in a reading, I emphasize the importance of Self Love as a practice; a discipline as part of a larger approach to living life to the fullest. To many this is such an obvious truth, they stumble over it daily but it isn’t a conscious thing, and therefore seldom is addressed in the way it needs to be. So, what is it exactly? Here, I will attempt to answer these questions and give a more detailed understanding to those of you who aim to Love Self in a healthy, balanced way.

Why Love your Self?

Simply put, you live in your skin. You might try, but you can’t get away from your Self – meaning, in this incarnation, you live in this body so you might as well be your own best friend, since you’ll be with your body till it’s last breath – literally. This is a fact. This is the Law of Nature, we can’t wish it away and we can’t escape it. It is inexorable. When we see this as fact, not in an abstract concept of “Self” being something higher than us, and something we seem to be forever seeking, we spend and waste a LOT of time “looking for ourselves” or “trying to contact/reach/communicate/converse with” our Higher Self in order to reach our right here right now Self…. I’m not denying that there is a Higher Self, I’m distinguishing between our Sovereign Self and the being we refer to as the Higher Self, which is another way of referencing our soul connection to the divine. That is a different topic, to be examined another day. How does one become one’s own best friend? Read on to get our perspective. Form your own view from what you see here, and find out after the fact in your own search for facts and understanding; this is a single viewpoint and we encourage you to explore the subject further, and share what you find in the comments below. The state of Self Love is multifaceted and complex, and it is not a single action, but rather a state of being and a set of values that determine the actions we take. We, as a society, must recognize the importance of this topic and initiate a healthy discussion.

What is the Self?

An amazing Qi-Gong teacher I know once explained it to me this way: “We always feel the same age behind our eyes”.  I will never forget this simple statement. She was referring to what the Buddhist faith calls the Watcher.

The Watcher is that part of us that seems to stand back from the everyday things we do. Its the part that is always detached, and yet it is there and we are aware of it, as it is aware of us. It is there, yet aloof to our mundane activities. This is part of the Self, but it can feel as elusive as the Higher Self is to many of us.

We are immortal spirits having a physical experience. This meat suit we wear is an incredible biological wonder, and when maintained correctly, can give us miles and miles of service. IF we maintain it and give it fuel, rest, tune ups and respect, we can really live a good quality life. Our body is a microcosm; a multitude of beings, we host many bacteria, microbial systems, fungi and structured water, to name a tiny fraction, all of which go about their business daily without our instruction or guidance, however, they rely on a balanced environment in order to function correctly.


We seldom go around with an active awareness of the cooperative and collaborative effort that is the functional human body, the same way we don’t think about each individual strand when we brush our hair, or every individual muscle fiber when we are exercising, it isn’t necessary to,…is it? Does it stand to reason that if we do have an awareness and reverence of and for this marvelous mechanism called the body, and we start to think about our own body as a support system for our spirit’s experience here in this incarnation, we can then begin to see the immense value there is in Self Love with respect to how we treat our body? It is, literally, a once in a lifetime, no replacement warranty, as is, deal. We must make the best of the vehicle we are “driving to our destiny”. (Although, Destiny is NOT predestined, and Free Will/Choice is always present and there for us to utilize).

Destiny is the fate of those who passively allow life to “happen” to them. Further, they experience it as something beyond their control, and thus they feel victimized. It doesn’t have to be this way, if we exercise our options early (when we still have options) and give our Selves the best possible start, in order to set us up for a splendid finish. The good news is, genetics is only 30% of the physical equation, our lifestyle dictates the remaining 70%. Those are more than decent odds…and muscle has great memory. Of course, there are those of us with physical challenges that limit the ways we can use the body. The point is that we are in the position that we must make the very best of what we have to work with. There are many inspiring examples of people who overcome their physical limitations everywhere, just look around you, or do a search on the net. Look for people who inspire you, because having inspiration is what drives us forward in an unknown or challenging direction.

Lack of healthy Self Love in Society

Today we see an alarming rise in statistics; symptoms of lack of Self Love – the trends in the practice of cutting, eating disorders, body dysmorphia, addiction, and general self image issues to name only a few, stems from a tidal wave of media programming, societal expectations (real and perceived) and a lack of healthy Love of Self. Therefore, we must take our own individual destiny in hand, and make healthy and conscious choices on how we treat our-Selves, starting with the fundamental foundation, the Body. We give away our power every time we let outside influences dictate what we do, say and think. And if we empower our Selves to be involved in our every day life, we must honor the vehicle, temple or vessel. Whatever the definition, the outcome is the same. Those who have a good relationship with the body end up getting more mileage out of it, in general.

Another word for body is soma defined as The body as distinct from the soul, mind, or psyche as defined by Oxford dictionary. To respect one’s body is the start of healthy Self Love, and is a solid way to lay the foundation to build a well rounded state of being in this world. In order to know what is best for your body, you must also educate yourself to the physical needs and natural law that governs this planet. Learn what you don’t know. There is no shame in admitting we don’t know enough; there is certain shame in knowing we need to act (learn/understand/take action) and not doing so. Procrastination is epidemic, assisted by a regimen of television and other distractions, most of which encourage sedentary lifestyle and a myriad of possible health issues that arise from just that one behavior. 

A human, being.

Notably, the word being is used here as a verb; it is also worth mentioning that in ancient times the word “mind” was also used primarily as a verb. To mind is to actively use the mind to further the intellect, cultivate knowledge into wisdom and to chew on concepts to thoroughly understand them before sharing them; to do otherwise would be irresponsible. Yet, we see many examples of unsubstantiated memes and stories circulating the world (via social media platforms, mainstream media and the internet in general) before being uncovered as fabricated. Discernment and discretion are key, and part of the capacity to reason that is reportedly the single most important difference between us and the animal kingdoms of lower consciousness beings.  We must exercise discretion and be discerning in order to navigate the complex corridors of life. To do so, we must be in good working order, because to discern, one must go within and consult one’s

 in-tuition. If our body is in good working order, our brain is too and therefore our mind has a good anchor from which to operate. Mind is not the same as brain, but they interact. Think of the brain as the converter, or CPU for the messages from the body, or from the mind. The brain is simply the clearing house, and needs to be cared for as part of the physical being in order for the spiritual being to be clearly heard and understood.

It is arrogant indeed that modern homosapien sapien appears to assume that we are the best model of humanity simply because we are the latest. Look to the enduring wisdom of the hermetic arts, Tarot, Kabalistic Tree of Life, Astrology and Numerology for proof that the ancients had a deep reverence for and understanding of the human experience.  They emphasized the somatic intelligence and revered the connection to the divine through the pineal gland, and other mysteries that we modern folk can only understand in abstract ways.

I find it endlessly ironic that modern society tends to paint the ancients as quaint but not very bright, or sophisticated. I contend that society today has done little to create a lasting legacy of any real value; all of our “vital” information is in cyber space or on flimsy paper, and after we are gone, sadly, all that may be left of us are mountains of trash and hazardous waste. Our legacy thus far, if you look from the perspective of a human, being, a thousand years from now, if this planet is habitable, they may look upon this period in history as one of the darkest ages that was; we have a planet in tatters, she has endured more abuse and pain than any being in this physical space. That should cause us to cringe with shame, but somehow many are blinded to the devastation of geoengineering, pollution, deforestation, the irradiation of our oceans and every other act against the earth we can think of.

We behave as if this is a disposable planet, and we have someplace else to go once we’ve trashed this beautiful place. How rude! Every one of these shameful things is perpetrated on the planet by humans, being. What if every person on the planet took a hard look at what they are doing, and how, and made changes in line with the greater good and natural law? How long do you think it would be before free energy is the norm and cell phone towers that emit dangerous levels of EMF radiation will be replaced by a safer form of communication? How long before the banks stop the tyrannical reign of illusion (seriously, think about it for a minute…why is it that humans (being) think we have to pay to live on our home planet?) There is enough room, food and water to go around IF we all behaved with honor and integrity. If greed were understood for what it is, and replaced by ethical rules that honor the needs of all. What if Self Love could fix these horrendous situations?

Imagine what a different planet we would inhabit if every, single one of us humans, being right now, took responsibility for our actions, and did not rely on increasingly corrupt institutions of government, religion, education, etc. 

For decades we have been programmed to have certain expectations (unrealistic in most cases) and to covet possessions or status but seldom are we encouraged to examine how we treat ourselves, and what to do about improving in this area. Sure, we are told that we should eat a healthy diet, (we are also tempted in all areas by the same media that shows us the stereotype, or offers a medication to treat ailments we caused to our bodies by not practicing Self Love) and therefore it requires discipline and self control – two qualities that are essential to healthy Self Love.

How do I Love my Self?

Practice, is the short answer. As outlined above, find what your body needs, educate yourself to the specifics and thats a great start. But what next? We still suffer depression, anxiety, dread, fatigue and various other ailments, even though many of us are in relatively good shape. This is because many of us stop there. We equate good health only with the body, and perhaps are not paying attention to other areas. In my line of work, I come across many different people suffering the same symptoms. Many of these are emotional, mental, spiritual and attitudinal health issues. All of these can be addressed by introducing healthy Self Love, with focus on establishing and reinforcing healthy boundaries, goals and rewards. Structure is key in successfully transforming you and over time, you’ll develop a new perspective on a balanced and healthy you.


In order to work through spiritual, emotional, mental or other conditions that could be considered illness of the soul, it requires even more in the way of commitment to Love of Self. If one needs to give up smoking, we know that it takes a really conscious effort to “give up”. But the interesting thing about this is, we know that the mind is the addicted part of us, because if it were the body alone, wouldn’t it simply wait till we fall asleep and take itself outside for a puff? Silly as it sounds, we must be part of the process in mind as well as body. Therefore, when we start on the road to Loving Self, we include the non-physical bits as well as emphasize care and connection with the body. The mind must be trained to think differently, to break old habits and form new ones takes structure and discipline. This doesn’t mean be rigorous and extreme, but it does mean take action. We are doing this for Self, and with that in mind, there is really no time like the present. We can only act in the moment, because we only have this very moment.

 Balance in all of these areas is not only required, but mandatory in order to be well rounded. Get plenty of sleep, good nutrition, water, exercise; sounds basic? Yes, but it is consistency that pays off in the long run. And when it comes to being good to our Selves, we have every reason to start right this minute.

How does one reach this place of healthy Love of Self?

I recommend giving yourself plenty of time to adjust to a new set of behaviors/patterns/habits that you are teaching yourself to use, remember that it takes an average of three months to set a new habit. Remind your self that you are doing these things in service to Self, (same Self, different perspective). You are in effect, becoming more your Self when you do these things with the specific intent of building your Self into a place of Love. At the same time, you must set clearly defined boundaries and goals, set an intention and a plan. Set a disciplined schedule for 80% of the week, we (most of us) already are in some type of regimen in a work week structure, so why not introduce a half hour of exercise, five days a week? This is one example, and applied in different areas using the same equation can really change your trajectory. Imagine! (Yes, do 🙂 …)

Adding a half hour of fitness to your morning, five days a week. It adds up to 2.5 hours a week, total, with two days off. That is NOT a lot to ask, but in reality very few of us have this type of disciplined set up. Simply put, it takes effort; and effort, big or small is ALWAYS rewarded. It is up to you to give yourself reason to believe you are worth it. On your days off, reward yourself, but don’t blow it. You work hard during the week to make progress, so don’t sabotage your effort.

I can personally testify to the health benefits of regular exercise. I began to do a 30 minute routine every morning when my son was around 6 years old. I was in the middle of a fun kick boxing workout DVD ten years later, he walked by and said, “Thanks Mom, you set a good example for me. Most of my friend’s parents are pretty sedentary. I appreciate that you do this every day.” I’d been doing it over ten years and he’d never remarked on it before, he’d roll his eyes and act as if I was silly or would just not talk about it. I learned that day that consistency paid off not only in terms of my health and fitness, but in terms of the lasting impression it made on my son. This is an example of an esteem-able act, (it made me feel good about my Self), as we will discuss next.

“Esteem-able” Acts

This term is one I heard spoken on a podcast recently (it was in passing, so I can’t link it or tell you who said it, although I wish I could) and the wisdom is simple and profound. The man described how he’d suffered with low self esteem due to environmental and familial situations while growing up. He found it very difficult to love his own Self because of programming from disapproving parents (projecting their own insecurities onto their children in his case) and kept finding it difficult to “convince” him-Self, deep down, that he was worth his own Love. The wisdom is in the way he overcame these “parent tapes” by doing what he termed “esteem-able” acts. These included random acts of kindness, performing a chore when it needed doing and not procrastinating (overcoming the “you’re lazy/useless/not good enough” programming he’d received), or by treating him-Self with random acts of kindness (such as a massage once he’d reached a certain weight-loss goal). The inner change he experienced was profound.


By changing his actions, he changes his programming, replacing it with a healthier and easier to Love.. Self. He created a momentum and it in turn motivated him, because it became fun to create ways to be a good Self, and in turn he rewarded him-Self with a well deserved pat on the back, and had fun thinking up new goals and rewards for him-Self. The result was that he no longer had to find reasons to Love him-Self, he’d given himself plenty of reason and was having fun finding new ways to do esteem-able acts, creating a cycle that is now stronger than the original programming and old habits he’d considered a part of himself. By changing this one mindset, he’d made those old habits and programs apart from him-Self. A mundane example of this switch:

To UNITE is to bring together; to UNTIE is to take apart.

The ONLY thing that changed was two letters switched places, but the word’s entire meaning is changed. We too can switch it up, one letter at a time and cause profound change for our Self’s betterment, and like the man with his esteem-able acts, you too can take charge of your actions, and make every minute count.

All we need do is look around us. Obesity is off the charts, diabetes is an epidemic, not to mention all the other menaces to our health. This is a call to action, and its literally each human, being, for them-Selves. How else could it be? And yet, few of us are really aware of this fact. Our responsibility is to our Selves as humans, being; but more crucially it is to our children, those who watch us while we give them a place to grow. When they are grown, they will reflect the environment we provided.

How do I be kind, compassionate and loving toward my Self?

Much like the “love and light” phenomenon of the New Age movement; many mistake the phrase Self Love for some out of reach, near-divine ability to be at ease with Self at all times. Some of my clients have believed that if they don’t feel loving and lightness of being all the time, that they’d not “done it right” or that they will not “ascend” if they don’t get to this happy, sparkly place. This is not accurate; Self Love can involve painful growing experience, uncomfortable change that MUST be implemented for the betterment of the individual, and all of these things are considered somewhat unpleasant, as there are times when showing the Self proper Love involves processes that do not feel “good” or “fun” but they are vital to the process. For example, if one wants to be in a working vehicle (the body) that is in good condition (rest, nutrition, exercise) with a focused driver (the mind) and a heart that is in alignment with what is best, not what is comfortable, one must keep to a certain set of criteria. Its not always fun to get up early to go for a run, and it certainly can hurt at times, but in the end the discipline pays off and the individual has a plan to use the vehicle to action the goal.  I find this ascension term is misunderstood in the extreme; it is not where we turn into light beings and float around without any natural laws to hold us to the firmament. To ascend in this lifetime, we must change it up, like gears on a motorcycle, you “kick up” or take it to the next level, while still in the physical and while still playing the grand game of Life. To ascend is therefore to transcend, and shed the illusion that binds us to a set of habits and beliefs that do not serve us, or our Selves. To ascend is to rise above, you can rise above the mundane right now, right where you are at. Simply commit to the high road – this is the road we have outlined in this article, but again, please go and find more information for yourself. We don’t expect you to believe what we are saying, but we are asking you to consider it carefully. In answer to the question, what is Self Love, we believe it is a combination of all of these things. It is a certain way of living that encompasses the body, mind, heart and soul.

When we break a bone, or injure a muscle, have surgery or are otherwise unable to exercise, we lose muscle tone after four days of inactivity; after two weeks, pretty much everything we’ve worked for is lost, the muscles begin to deteriorate that fast if they are not used. Fat stores, fitness doesn’t. Isn’t it interesting that our muscle cells can replicate and multiply after being used, creating more muscle fiber to meet the demand? Isn’t it also interesting that we have a finite number of fat cells in the body. They do not multiply or replicate beyond puberty. By that time, the body has a good idea of what storage needs it will have and sets the number. But they can (and do) increase in size when they are not feeding demands of fitness. So, back to the broken bone scenario. If you’ve ever recovered from any kind of body trauma, you’ll know that pain is not limited to the injury/wound/scar; instead, it hurts when you get to use the muscle set again, the bone may hurt and itch as it mends, and as children many of us experienced “growing pains” the kind that made us wake, sometimes in tears, with cramps and aches in childhood. Using your Body is good for it, keeps it in good working order, but doing so will not always feel good. It sometimes hurts, it sometimes is uncomfortable, but we must do it if we are doing what is right for us, in the long run.

Being kind and loving to your Self will (if we are being honest with our Selves) involve processes that may be uncomfortable, difficult and perceived as painful to the spirit, particularly if you’re late to the party and have developed habits that will take time and attitudinal adjustment to become authentically part of your Self. Like driving a car, it will take focus, care and diligent attention to detail while learning the process of operating a vehicle safely. The same principle can be applied to learning how to properly treat the Self. And just as the diligent vehicle owner will apply knowledge on how to prevent safety issues, keep up with maintenance and give the vehicle the fuel it needs, we need to apply diligent attention to all aspects of the Self to attain this state of wholeness. We are not supposed to blend into the Oneness, that is a fallacy. We are here to learn how to be Whole and this demands that we treat the Self with respect, and love.

People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in their true beauty is revealed only if there is light from within.- Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

The aforementioned are all more or less logical and although it will take consistent attentive diligence for the first three months or so, it is all very attainable. The real question is, what will it take to motivate us into taking action? Will it take thinking deeply about this subject, and perhaps some research into the topic? Will it take a catastrophic health event? Will it take witnessing someone we love suffer illness or dis-ease due to poor choices they made? Here is the kicker. Free Will. Its a thing…

We have choices, all the way up till we have no choice. Difficult as it is to admit, hindsight being 20/20, we all have the opportunity to learn this lesson before it comes to us in the form of our Body breaking down in ways we don’t want to imagine, let alone deal with. Then why do so many of us continue to make poor choices? Simply put, lack of Self Love.

There are so many out there that are hurting and in need of direction. If that is you, and if you are reading this because you want to know more about this topic, I encourage you to research it for yourself. There is information out there, at our fingertips. We can prove it to our Selves by simply looking around us. Part of Self Love is not taking things at face value. We may need to consult a library, or a search engine, or our intuition (in-tuition or inner teaching from Self) but we should always examine presented information with a measure of skepticism and use discernment to determine truth for ourselves. Intuition is like any muscle; we must use it, or lose it. Same applies to the imagination.

Great philosophers, poets, artists, writers and teachers have given us glimpses into this truth of Self Love, and what happens when we don’t cultivate it. As it is with all great truths, it must be sought out and discovered, to be true for the individual. Otherwise, isn’t it just something somebody told us and may or may not be actual truth? The gravest deceptions have been perpetrated on untold numbers of people throughout history because they took someone’s word for it…the examples are too numerous and too sad to list, but you can easily find them. Heaven’s Gate and the sad end the Saturn worshiping cult met is but one…

It is time we took responsibility for our health, in all ways, in balanced ways. It is time we stood up to our bad habits, programs and attitudes. It is time we cared about the example we are setting, rather than focus on the example we were shown. The past is there to be learned from, in essence. If the past was not pleasant, take the lessons it offers and move on to the present.

Why does Self Love matter?

This is the easiest of all of these questions to answer. It comes in two parts.

First, YOU MATTER. You are important, you are unique and you matter. What happens to you affects you, but also all those you love and those who love you. There are likely people you influence, and you may not be aware of it. But if you think about it you’ll see that the ripple effect applies to everything in life, including the impact we have on others.

Second, and most important, the generations that follow us are watching. You may be a parent, in which case, your children are watching your actions. If not, there are likely young people around, and whether we believe it or not, we can influence others without trying. We MUST take responsibility for our Selves and by doing this, in order to set a healthy example for our younger generations, (and they’re super perceptive), so we can’t fake healthy Self-ness. Children are ultra observant and many don’t voice their opinions or ask questions  (many are not free to speak their minds, or question the adults in their lives) as to why we behave the way we do. In light of what we know about society today, and about the state of decay that it is in, we are in a collective state of emergency and there is no world leader, group of alien beings, or spirit guides that are going to save us. Those things may or may not exist, and may or may not swoop in at the last minute, …I’ve heard this argument time and again. And its crap. Pure rubbish in this context. It has nothing to do with improving the present moment, the Now. The present is where it all happens. So, we therefore must quit waiting for rescue because we have gotten ourselves into this mess. As individuals we have given up on affecting change because although we try we don’t seem to get anywhere. Which brings us to our next point…

Do. Or, do not. There is no try.

                                                         – Yoda

The sooner we quit waiting for another entity or party to rescue (take responsibility for) us, the better for those who will be asked to take responsibility for themselves after we are gone. If we set a clear example of humans being the change, we may just turn the tide and see the next generation step up to the plate to take it even further. Imagine if every human, being, was balanced and in a state of Self Love; would the governmental, educational, religious and other institutions have any real power over a people that do not require leadership? Not if they are run by whole, firmly planted humans, being Loving toward their own Self. I don’t believe that the system would remain, it couldn’t survive if those who run it are so Self Loving that they act in integrity and with honor every day because it is part of their integral value set. Taking responsibility for one’s Self is the very best way to topple the status quo. Yes maybe small government is useful for management from an administrative perspective, but in no way should the government be in a position to take away the people’s integral right to be humans, being. Which in its entirety is a beautiful concept. This is a concept that we can and need to take to the level of our reality. We need to walk the talk, in other words. Even if we belong to the Love and Light camp, or we belong to the Science camp, this is not a concept that requires anything but a diligent effort and a solid goal. It takes discipline. Self discipline equals self love.

Many, too many of my clients are in times and places of pain, and this is another hill to climb on the road to Self Love. As a great resource for learning to know, love and accept your whole Self, I recommend the book by Cathy O’Brien called PTSD: Time to Heal – it is a remarkable workbook, and helpful to anyone willing to look with love and truth at their own Selves to make necessary changes (tune ups) to their lives in service to Self. I’ll post the links to her website below this post. Cathy O’Brien is a federal whistle-blower and is restricted by law from advertising her published works. Her story is intense, and very disturbing in terms of the truths it reveals. But if there is anything I’ve learned from her remarkable testimony, is that the human spirit IS resilient, and it is capable of much more than we give it credit for.

A Powerful Example of Self Love in Action


She is an incredible example of Self Love in action, as she chose to come forward and testify to her experiences starting at age 5 in large part to the secret Mind Control programs through the intelligence community after the last world war. She was sold into the program by her father, and was used by the intelligence programs for various purposes. She endured the most despicable abuses, tortures and depravity most of us can not imagine. And she testified to every word, and every name before Congress in 1995. Her story is one that causes cognitive dissonance and many cannot believe it because for it to be truth would shake their comfortable world view. Nonetheless, Ms O’Brien found the courage and the determination to do it. It was no doubt uncomfortable, and couldn’t have been easy, but she did it anyway. While this is an extreme example, I use it for a purpose – most of us cannot claim to have had it anywhere close to as bad as Cathy O’Brien, and many of us still don’t like ourselves very much. I challenge those of you who doubt this as fact, to educate yourself. Read her three books, then try to tell me we don’t ALL have a choice to show love to our Selves. Cathy O’Brien is a hero, and she is my hero. But she doesn’t care about that. She is her own hero. I have all three of her books, and she signed the front page of each with her name and the words Peace & Freedom. Her story inspires me and I hope it helps inspire someone that reads this and needs to learn how to have a healthy Love of Self. It is not a New Age method, or principle, it is a basic necessity and we need to relearn how to cultivate it again. Our collective vehicle is heading toward the cliff and none of us know enough about the behemoth to take the wheel. But we can take charge of what we do. That much is a fact. So what are we waiting for?

“Teach Your Children”
You, who are on the road must have a code that you can live by.
And so become yourself because the past is just a good bye.
Teach your children well, their father’s hell did slowly go by,
And feed them on your dreams, the one they pick’s the one you’ll know by.
Don’t you ever ask them why, if they told you, you would cry,
So just look at them and sigh and know they love you.

And you, of tender years can’t know the fears that your elders grew by,
And so please help them with your youth, they seek the truth before they can die.
Teach your parents well, their children’s hell will slowly go by,
And feed them on your dreams, the one they pick’s the one you’ll know by.
Don’t you ever ask them why, if they told you, you would cry,
So just look at them and sigh and know they love you. – Crosby, Stills & Nash

The present is where our power to take action lives. There is no power in the past, other than lessons we need to learn, and once learned, there is very little reason to dwell there. The future is literally what we make it, and to a large degree, it really is in our hands. The moment we take charge and start driving our Destiny instead of allowing life to “happen” to us, we effect a profound change that is palpable to others. This is the best and most rewarding thing about having a balanced and healthy sense of Self. We begin to set a resounding example for everyone around us, which is another esteem-able act, which perpetuates the positive cycle we create when we have the courage to stand up for our Selves.

Be the Change.

Peace & Freedom,


www.trance-formation.com                     Cathy O’Brien blog, books and resources

www.unslaved.com                                    Michael Tsarion – many articles here referencing the importance of Self Love.

www.psychologytoday.com                      General reference in psychology, this is a useful resource for a basic understanding of psychological terms with interesting and informative content on various syndromes, conditions and treatments.


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