Merry Part…

I received news today that a friend has passed on to “his soul’s next adventure”. As I get older I appreciate how fragile and complicated life, consciousness and sanity really are.

My experience on hearing this news today was a profound sense of loss for those that remain in this meat-suit experience; he is free now to fly wherever his soul yearns to be. And I began to think about his influence on my life. Jon was co-owner of a wonderful store in Boise, Idaho. (It is mentioned elsewhere on my blog). This store is where one typically goes when one is looking for answers, comfort or just to be immersed in the energy of all the magickal and unique items they carry. When I first began to investigate the subject of orgonite, I asked Jon if they carried it. He told me that they had no idea where to get it from. That inspired me to make some; when I showed him my early efforts, he encouraged me to refine the process and one day when I was particularly thrilled with a device, he suggested that I enter into a consignment agreement with them. Shortly after, Orgonyx was born and on the shelves.

But, even before this, Jon had an impact on my life. One day, about six months earlier I went into the store, wanting the comfort of the atmosphere and to put in a prayer request at the altar. Jon took time to speak to me that day, helping me unload the burden of pain I entered the store with. One of our children was ill, and beyond my ability to help. He was able to relate to what it was like to witness one you love so much go through so much pain and suffering, and not to be able to mitigate it in any meaningful way. I am so grateful to Jon for that day, for helping me to deal with something so new, so devastating that I literally felt that my world was falling apart. Somehow, he helped me to cope that day, and when my art evolved out of that place of pain, he encouraged me.

I am saddened that he is no longer here in this realm, because I lost a friend today. Others lost a beloved father, husband, clergyman, leader, teacher, grandfather, brother and a whole host of other things. I am saddened for those who loved and held him most dear, they will feel the loss most deeply. But for the Immortal Spiritual Being that I knew as Jon Lesniak, I am not sad, as I know I will see this being again, across the corridors of time. I will light a candle for my friend Jon, who was a beacon of Light to his community. As my husband said when he heard, “It was easy to feel the love and kindness that lived in his heart, all you had to do was be around him.”

Farewell, Jon. Merry Meet & Merry Part and till we meet again, may your Soul find joy and freedom wherever you choose to fly. Thank you for your friendship and for such a great example of a human, being. May you join up with dear canine dearly departed Titan, who sent a card from the beyond after he’d crossed over, I remember how excited you and Jeannine were to receive his loving message, everyone missed him so much!

We send much love to Jeannine and the family, the staff at Crone’s cupboard. I am sorry that I won’t be able to attend the Celebration of Life for Jon on January 9th, 2018. But I will find a way to honor him and send him my thanks in ceremony, and I will live with purpose and be firmly in the Present. Its a gift.

With my love, thanks and blessings to the Lesniaks,

Brightest Blessings,



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