Amber Phoenix Highlights for 2017

I simply believe that some part of the Self or Soul is not subject to the laws of space and time – Carl Gustav Jung


I have issues with time; I have a really hard time being on time, I don’t do well with calendars and I’ve never been one to adhere to bedtime or curfews. Time and I don’t get along, partly because I’ve always regarded it with a low level of suspicion.

When 2017 rolled around, I’d had 3 months to recover from eye surgery; it felt (and looked) SO good to regain healthy vision. Although it wasn’t a conscious effort, I think I was making up for time. I worked constantly, but it never seems like work because I love what I do. I keep it exciting by working with several projects simultaneously. Previously I’ve worked for employers, and though jobs like sales have an element of variety, I found the concept of doing the same thing day in and day out, was not the way I wanted to do it. I’ve diversified the set of services available through Amber Phoenix, and expanding on new wholesale relationships that deliver exciting new products to the public through our favorite store partners. It also set a great momentum for 2018 which is already a quarter of the way through!

Last year literally flew by. It was full of activity, and interaction with people, something I’ve not been accustomed to since moving to the country. It was a year of adaptation, education and thinking outside of the box. On the home front, it was about settling in – why does it always seem to take so much longer to completely unpack from a move? This little house had not had anyone live in or take care of it for a few years before we moved in, and so after two years, we finally feel at home in this space, and it is good!

We planted trees, and nursed others in a small splash pool in our dining room when we realized we weren’t going to get them into the ground before winter.


When it got cold, my husband built a coop inside the barn for the hens. We’d lost all but one to coyote and fox who’d figured out how to get into the barn. We started to insulate the garage in late fall. When we bought this place, the garage was unfinished. It was a weekend project, a few hours at a time. Fortunately we have awesome friends who stepped in to help and not too much later the sheet rock was in place, garage door mechanisms squared away and much of the mess cleaned up. We still have tape and paint to do, but its a whole hell of a lot warmer in there now.



This being our second full year at the ranch, we (and our animals) were better prepared for the occasional day where we cannot leave the property due to snow accumulation. Wind out here is really intense at times too. Some of you may recall those episodes of Little House on the Prairie where they had to string ropes between the buildings to keep folks from blowing away…yeah, thats where we are at. Therefore, outdoor crops would fail more often than prosper. This year we break ground and action our indoor farming project. We began to plan for this in earnest back in 2017, around the time the wind devil blew through and took out our greenhouse (see previous blog post…)


Custom Orgonyx Devices in 2017

We had the privilege of being commissioned to do several custom pieces for clients both in the state of Colorado, and across the USA in Idaho and California.

There was a beautiful pair of hearts commissioned by a loving mother to a young couple who were working on building a family.

We had a fun time creating this Tiki Idol themed trio for a couple that often travel to Hawaii.


Due to the propensity for top heavy devices to topple and shatter, we were cautious and constructed three separate devices instead of the traditional tall idol. The result was a sun, water & land theme, representing Hawaii with inclusions.

A friend wanted to surprise them at an annual gathering, so we worked together in advance, and had it arrive beforehand. As with all custom Orgonyx projects, these devices came with a letter from the artist, detailing the inclusions, the collaboration and the overall function of the device.

Then we were commissioned to do a device for the new baby of the couple we mentioned earlier! That’s the blue star below.


Device for a little boy, created with the excellent input of his Grandmother, who commissioned the piece.




We also made two lovely pyramid devices for friends and neighbors, and a device from mother to daughter as she grows up and moves into her life as a young adult.


It is an enormous privilege to create these devices as we work directly with each client to include items, colors and crystals that are pertinent to each intended recipient. It is truly one of the most satisfying parts of the art of Orgonyx, and we welcome future collaborations after May 2018, as we prepare to construct a building to accommodate our indoor farming project, as well as offices for ongoing and upcoming projects.

Some of these were privately commissioned through word of mouth, and some were directly related to clients I’d read for at Celebration Metaphysical Store. Thanks to all that continue to refer clients to us for various reasons and services.

Taroscopic Readings & Hypnotherapy

As many of you already know, Taroscopes is a very practical and direct way to consult the Oracle, and although it is not for everyone, it is good to know that this approach is appreciated by those who choose to return, by those who are curious to try it and find they can relate and connect to it. The term ‘psychic reader’ in my case, is not accurate, I am an intuitive empath. With the help and constant tutorship of the hermetic teachings, it is my job to consult with those who are looking for advice.


Tarot, and the other hermetic arts are not unlike the other sacred sciences and scripts; one can read them many, many times and still new revelations are uncovered with each sincere application of curiosity and a desire to learn. The same can be said of the hypnotherapy work we do, Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy Technique. This is a way to contact the client’s subconscious directly, to ask questions for healing, clarity, and a host of other reasons. We have seen growth in this area too, and as we don’t advertise other than business cards and the occasional brochure, we know that this too is due to our client’s experience and their desire to share the experience with others who may benefit from the same.

It is a joy to see clients blossom and thrive when they are able to apply the guidance and knowledge that is shared. Thank you for your support if you are one of them, reading this 🙂  You know who you are, and I truly hope you are proud of your progress and momentum. Keep it up!

Gem Essences & Esscents

We have worked with crystals for years, and Orgonyx is just one aspect. Anyone coming to our home for the first time, always remarks on how many crystals there are. They appear to be randomly scattered, I’m sure, but they each have a function and they occasionally get re-positioned by resident feline friends. Some repel negativity; others are there for protection, others are there because they’re beautiful and they have lovely energy to share.


Gem essences are a natural evolution to our work with these crystal friends. We are in the fortunate circumstance of being in the company of several uncommon and hard to find stones, such as Manifestation Amethyst (a rare occurrence where a clear terminated quartz crystal is totally surrounded by a terminated amethyst); Azeztulite; Herkimer Diamond, etc. By infusing these gem essences into oil or water, we are able to provide people with a wearable way to be present with these crystal friends. We currently have a line of chakra oils available at Celebration Store, infused with Azurite gem essence.

The Bees Knees

For some time now, I’ve made lotions and balms for personal use, household use and to keep my hubby’s hands from getting cracked and dry in the wintertime. I incorporate all sorts of things into my creations, including bee products such as pollen, royal jelly and honey etc. I make small batches, but even so, I always have spare tubes of lip balm rolling around in my purse. I happened to have one on me when visiting the Honey Cottage in Old Colorado City.


The owners of the Honey Cottage support local art and local businesses, and began to carry Orgonyx Orgone Devices in the Fall of 2017. After they tried the lip balm (and apparently loved it), we began to talk seriously about Amber Phoenix Enterprises LLC expanding into skincare. There is a lot of support and interest in local products made by local people with local ingredients. The Bee’s Knees was born of this demand and the fact that we produce quality skincare made from simple, natural ingredients. The Bee’s Knees natural skincare premiered in December 2017 and began to take off right away. We are super excited to see where it goes in 2018, particularly after our building project is complete.


We are looking forward to a busy 2018; after the building is constructed we will amp up production, and my husband can have his kitchen back! So strange, anyone that knows me, knows that I am by no stretch of the imagination, a cook. Therefore, I find it endlessly ironic that I can create these lovely lotions, potions and unguents; but there you have it :).

At the same time that this was evolving, Amber Phoenix had also rolled out other items at the metaphysical store. Amber Phoenix Steamer Trunk Altar Wax was the star product in the Halloween/Samhain Spell of the Month Club box for 2017.

It smells like oranges and has a beautiful rough citrine quartz at the bottom of each little wood trunk that it comes in. A keepsake that will likely smell like the orange-beeswax that it housed, long after it has been used up. It keeps wood nourished and moisture resistant. We offer a beeswax and a vegan version, made with wildflower wax.


Spellbinder sealing wax kits come with a unique seal, scented sealing wax pearls, a candle & spoon to complete the set.

Also, (thanks to our muse, Chris B. from Celebration who suggested this one day last summer) a scented sealing wax kit, with a unique seal and various color wax pearls (so you can use only what you need) formulated for sealing but also easy to clean up. It comes with a small spoon, in a wooden box. These are available at Celebration Store, Colorado Springs and Merlin’s Realm in Old Colorado City and The Honey Cottage, and will be soon at Crone’s Cupboard in Idaho.

Sealing wax kits will be released seasonally, with the next set to be rolled out around Beltane/Easter time. They will be themed to the season, so no need to worry about duplicates. Refills of your favorite sealing wax can be ordered directly from our website.

Other Amazing Experiences of 2017

One of the most exciting parts of 2017, in terms of ongoing education was the privilege of being able to spend time in the company of one of the most esteemed leaders and teachers of the Wiccan faith. Those of you who know me know that I subscribe to no religion, but I have respect for those that get it right, in terms of integrity and accountability. Christopher Penczak is one of those, in my opinion. At the time I met him, in September 2017, I thought I owned all of his books. I was wrong, I only owned 18, he has written 26. And, I confess, I’ve not yet read all the ones I do own. But, that is beside the point. Christopher is a good guy, fun to talk to, approachable and while completely immersed in his craft, still relatable to muggles. I admire that he is unconditionally HimSelf, and very much enjoy his style of writing. It is honest, open and often humorous.

I learned that he’d be at Celebration in September, and so I signed up for both of his offered classes, to promote books he’s recently published on the same subjects. The first was the Gates of Witchcraft, teaching about how to get into the “zone” to do ritual working, or to meditate, or reach a creative goal. It was informative, fun, educational and enlightening. Christopher has a knack for creating ambience. The second class was the Mighty Dead, all about how to work with the spirits of the ancestors. Penczak demonstrated a sense of perfect timing and as the class ended, the sun dipped behind the mountain, casting a dramatic and breathtaking end to a beautiful class honoring those who went before, the lessons we can learn from them, the places they can show us and the power of the imagination. It was a memorable and profound experience. For me, the perpetual student, it was an opportunity to witness a master of his Craft share his wisdom and expertise. I emailed him shortly before writing this post, to ask permission to use this photo.evernote2024705641871

My thanks to him for granting permission, for his plethora of published works and for his time, as we sat together for a bit between classes, chatting. (By the way, Chris, if you’re reading this, I will never think of the movie Spinal Tap without the mental image you shared during our chat!) It was a superb experience, and I highly recommend anyone wanting to explore the subject of Wicca include his works in their journey.

The year 2017 was a year of profound personal growth, of professional momentum and of healing. We are proud of what Amber Phoenix Enterprises, LLC has achieved since 2014, and before that when Orgonyx was still in its infancy. Thank you to all that have supported, encouraged, helped, listened, and prayed. This year we will put several projects into motion, expanding on growth in 2017 and rolling out the planned projects that are now coming into being.

One of which is the Flowers for Fukushima project we have been planning for some time. Turns out the prairie is perfect for wild sunflowers, but the mammoth heirloom sunflowers we plan to grow just won’t do well outdoors in this area, mostly due to their being irresistible to the local rabbit population while they are still below knee height. The mammoth variety we will grow for this project yield better than 500 seeds per flower head; they can grow 12′-15′ in the right conditions. They are from organic heirloom seeds we purchased in Idaho. We will provide more information a few months from now. If you’re interested, subscribe to this blog to receive updates.


Our indoor farming project will include a space to grow seeds to send to all areas where radiation poisons soil, as sunflowers will transmute radiation from soil, as will hemp. Nifty!


The pictures directly above were taken by a dear friend who spent time with us over the New Year; she has an eye for the camera and managed to capture the rare, somewhat crunchy beauty that can be found on the plains of Southern Colorado. (Thanks, Zoe, it was so great to see you after 20 years!)

Stay tuned, we’ll publish a blog/vlog as we go, to encourage others to grow indoors. We live in a food desert, so we hope to make a big difference in how fresh produce becomes available to locals and those in the city who have a hard time getting hold of fresh produce.

Here’s to 2018, may it live up to it’s expectations!


PS      Please forgive the erratic post times – we are super busy with all the projects going            on, and will update as we can, but cannot promise anything regular in terms of                  blog posts or website updates. As always, you can book appointments directly at         or contact us anytime at







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