In 2014 Amber Phoenix Enterprises, LLC was formed. Orgonyx Orgone Art was the first enterprise, and it began in 2013 following a difficult year where one of our children became ill. At the time, while our son was in hospital for an extended time, I searched for something to distract from the hollow, helpless feeling (I’m certain those of you who are parents can relate) one gets when a child is ill and nothing we can do can help them through the ordeal.

At that time, we were still suburb dwellers, on a third of an acre corner lot in a typical sub-division, in a rapidly expanding city in Idaho.

It had been a year of joy, and change and tragedy; I’d quit my job to prepare for the return of our son from hospital, knowing he would need care for the foreseeable future.

One morning in March 2013 I found a picture of a piece of orgonite online. It was in a raised garden bed. The orgonite was small, and perched on the corner of the garden bed, which was overflowing with abundant growth. The bed opposite was hardly active at all. I was immediately intrigued and began to research and read all I could find on orgonite. I learned that it was discovered/invented in the 1930’s by Dr. Wilhelm Reich. He copyrighted the word “orgonite” and this is one reason you’ll find we only refer to it in context of Reich’s work, and with reference to the science upon which it is based.

I researched for weeks, and learned as much as I could. Pinterest and Facebook were sources of amazing pictures showing incredibly artistic and fascinating shapes. A couple of girlfriends became interested and soon the three of us were brainstorming and trying to figure this puzzle out. We had not worked with casting resin before, had no idea where to buy it, couldn’t even figure out how to make google tell us…it was frustrating but eventually we acquired resin from a large crafts store, and went to the dollar store for plastic molds. We decided to go with those mini traffic cones they sell…they are conical and made of flexible but dense plastic that feels like tough silicone.


We discovered how powerful the vacuum they cause when filled with resin and let set, and had to surgically remove that first device. I think I still have the mold we destroyed that day. Point being, we entered the learning curve at a sprint and I have never looked back. I studied the various ways people were creating orgonite. The majority were made of metal shavings and quartz, set in a resin matrix. This makes for a somewhat homely looking piece; I preferred the ones I’d seen that were visually interesting and so I set out to create orgone art.


A custom creation from 2014

My friends worried that this would reduce the efficacy of the devices but when we measured the EMF readings using a Tesla measurement with a handheld EMF meter, we found that the devices we’d made were able to negate the EMF emissions from our microwave (while baking a potato) consistently by almost half! I’d found geometric molds on eBay from a vendor in the UK. As soon as these molds arrived, I went to work. Our earliest devices contained clear quartz or citrine quartz, copper coil and sprockets I’d found at the craft store. These were very difficult to work with and I was not happy with the first attempts, but after some practice we produced attractive and effective devices. I studied the piezoelectric effect which is the result of squeezing, crushing or compressing quartz.

I found a local vendor, Stringer’s Gems which became a wonderful resource and I obtained many crystal friends from this wonderful shop. Mr Stringer was in his 90’s when we left Idaho; I visited his shop to say goodbye and left with as many quartz as I could carry. Among these were some large but sad looking quartz chunks that he told me he’d acquired at the estate sale of a WWII vet. Further, he told me that this vet had brought these chunks of quartz home from the Far East where he’d been stationed somewhere in the foothills of the Himalayas. These chunks of quartz were native to that region, and had been used in the war, for communications (quartz is a component of many modern applications of technology)n and for the rocket launcher equipment. You can see the shave marks on these crystals, which must have been grand before the soldiers shaved them down. How sad, I thought, and became determined to give these beauties a different purpose. So far, only one of these special crystal friends has made it into a device, as the focus has shifted to smaller, portable devices, and larger devices are generally custom or commissioned works.

In the fall of 2016, we partnered with Celebration Store to sell Orgonyx. They had a small collection of orgonite from a different source already, and I was told that the owner of the store didn’t like orgonite because he felt that it “trapped” the crystal and that this was in fact, oppressive to the stone within. Of course, this is a good point, but I personally feel that it is not the case.


A  freshly hatched batch of Orgonyx Orgone Devices; these are awaiting the first of three coats


For one thing, crystals are living beings, and although we can’t see them breathe, eat, sleep or any other anthropomorphism we can impose, we also can’t know how it “feels” to be used for a purpose where no choice was given to the living being, good or bad. I explained my view, which is that crystal are unable to change their own reality, they can’t move themselves to another location, nor otherwise change their surroundings. I offered the perspective that if orgone devices are helpful in reducing EMF radiation and other ways, surely the crystal would be happy to serve the environment? I explained also that the method we use for creating Orgonyx involves the energy of the full moon, as well as the theory of Dr. Maseru Emoto where he shows that water can contain information, emotion and intention.


Since quartz is known to be an effective receiver, transmitter and storage for information, the devices are treated to beautiful music, loving intention and harmonious surrounds when they are cast. While they set, they are liquid for a time, so these intentions, sounds, and vibrations are “frozen” within the device. The resin sets, and forms a permanent squeeze on the quartz within, which creates a permanent charge of current. Using the principles of sacred geometry, for both the device “guts” and the mold design, we ensure that the charge can effectively be transmitted along the coil, and we close any circuits we create so as to maximize the efficacy of the device.


Tiny skull devices that will become key chains, pendulums or wearable Pendantulum devices

Orgonyx is available in Idaho and Colorado at retail stores Crone’s Cupboard and Celebration Metaphysical Center.

We did trade shows in Boise and Sun Valley when we lived in Idaho. We weren’t certain Orgonyx would do well, being so new and how relatively unknown the science of orgone devices was at that time.

Having been a student and practitioner of divination for most of my adult life, I decided to incorporate it at the booth, it was a hit and resulted in a steady stream of people through our booth, which boosted device sales. This is how divination became a profession for me, what had been a beloved and discreet hobby, became a part of the business. Amber Phoenix’ second enterprise was born.

I became certified as a QHHT practitioner in late 2015. As divination involves the subconscious, this type of hypnotherapy makes an excellent companion service to the readings we already offer.  Amber Phoenix’ third enterprise was established. This a method pioneered by Dolores Cannon, which she subsequently taught from 2002 via her Quantum Healing Hypnosis Academy. Several clients have reviewed the QHHT experience on our website; read them here.

This year we expanded into Gem Essences. Crystals carry frequency, as do all thing in our electric universe, if one is to believe that every “thing” is made of energy at the base line.

Infusing gem essences into water, (for energetic clearing, add a little to floor washes, laundry water, bath water, etc) and oils (combined with essential oils, skin loving carrier oils and gem essences, these are popular for anointing altars, candles, oneself, others, or to wear at the pulse points for an energetic boost. From there, we are working on a line of natural and vegan perfumes, both solid and liquid. These scents are in the formulation stages at this time. We will announce the roll out in due course, right here and on our website, amberphoenix.net.


Water essence collection – these concentrates can be added to water based tasks around the home to add a little crystal essence to many areas. Floor washes, laundry, plant friends, bath water & more.


We hope this has been informative, and brought you to an understanding of what Amber Phoenix is about. If you have questions, feel free to contact us.

Thanks for visiting!


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