Rural Living

Amber Phoenix Highlights for 2017

The owners of the Honey Cottage support local art and local businesses, and began to carry Orgonyx Orgone Devices in the Fall of 2017. After they tried the lip balm (and apparently loved it), we began to talk seriously about Amber Phoenix Enterprises LLC expanding into skincare. There is a lot of support and interest in local products made by local people with local ingredients. The Bee’s Knees was born of this demand and the fact that we produce quality skincare made from simple, natural ingredients. The Bee’s Knees natural skincare premiered in December 2017

Why did we do it?

The first February brought a three day blizzard with it, causing a power outage. I lit a fire in the fireplace, and thats when I learned that a bird had nested (and apparently perished) in the chimney, which resulted in a house full of smoke and me huddled with the dog, Alex and two cats, in the garage, waiting for the smoke to clear. Clearly, I had a lot to learn.